Craft the story, collect the data and uncover the tools you need to raise funds for your organization.

This program will help your nonprofit create a comprehensive case for support for your nonprofit, full of persuasive impact stories and a system to continually collect these stories, as well as launch your strategic fundraising campaign with your new content.

During this program, we will …

  • Create Impact story collection procedures and processes
  • Collect and write persuasive impact stories
  • Conduct research for relatable facts, research, studies support your cause
  • Craft a comprehensive Case for Support for your nonprofit
  • Review some platform options for collecting donations
  • Gain an understanding of fundraising strategies and create your first fundraiser

This is a hands-on program, meaning your nonprofit team will need to actively do the work. Lyssa at Presence&Company will contribute in the following ways:

  • Providing initial guidance, templates, tools and action steps
  • Available for questions and coaching
  • Researching on the topics and providing statistics and other data to build out the case
  • Reviewing writing and offering suggestions on improving the language

This is a 12-week program, with concepts broken into 2-week increments. The pilot program cost is $300 due to start and launches March 1.