Craft the story, collect the data and uncover the tools you need to win grants and run other successful fundraisers for your organization.

This program will help your nonprofit create a comprehensive case for support for your nonprofit, full of persuasive impact stories and a system to continually collect these stories. We will also walk through grant strategy best practices and tools, as well as explore digital fundraising strategies to leverage your new content.

During this program, we will …

  • Create Impact story collection procedures and processes
  • Collect and write persuasive impact stories for your portfolio
  • Conduct research for relatable facts, research, and studies to support your cause
  • Craft a comprehensive Case for Support for your nonprofit
  • Explore grant research and application tools and strategies
  • Gain an understanding of fundraising strategies and determine your action plan

This is a hands-on program, with expert guidance from experienced nonprofit fundraiser Lyssa Schmidt. She will ....

  • Provide guidance, templates, tools and action steps
  • Be available for questions and coaching
  • Conduct research on your nonprofit topics and provide statistics and other data to build out your case
  • Review writing and offer suggestions on improving your stories

This is structured as an 8 week program, with concepts broken into manageable action steps. Live help is available for 12 weeks so you can work through the process at your own pace.